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You're at the Bodykits section of the Ground Dynamics website. Please choose your vehicle from the choices below to see the bodykits we have for your car or truck.

Ground Dynamics sells an enormous assortment of bodykits, mainly including fiberglass bodykits, urethane bodykits, carbon fiber bodykits, and abs plastic bodykits.

Here is a some information to help you understand the difference between each type of bodykit. Fiberglass Bodykits: Probably 90% of bodykits are made of fiberglass. These days, a couple manufacturers are finding great ways to improve the quality of fiberglass body kits mainly by using high-grade viscous vinylester resins. If you a Duraflex or Vfiber bodykit on our site, then you know it's one of the high-quality fiberglass body kits. Urethane Bodykits: Urethane is another word for rubber, and it's highly sought when it comes to bodykits because it's so resistant to impact. The downside is that relative to fiberglass bodykits, they cost more, they weigh more, and paint doesn't adher to them as well. ABS Plastic Bodykits: Many cars have body panels made of ABS plastic, so this is a high-grade material. The upside is excellent fit and finish, while the downside is that it costs more than, say, fiberglass bodykits. Carbon Fiber Bodykits: Probably the most rare, carbon fiber bodykits are lightweight and strong, and incorporate the new-age carbon look into your vehicle's appearance. Also, you don't have to paint carbon fiber bodykits, since they already have the desired carbon appearance right out of the box. The downside is that they are more expensive, and also if you as much as scrape it curb it scuffs the gelcoat finish.

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Don't see the body kits you are looking for? Try checking out the body kits selection at our parent company, Andy's Auto Sport.
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