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Fog Lights

Car Specific Lighting

Car Specific Lighting is a great way to customize your ride.  Add car specific fog lamps and headlamps to increase visibility while giving off flair.  Get car specific side marker lights to brighten up the road, and to show off your stunning taste.  Make sure to customize your lighting along with the exterior and interior of your car.

Car Specific 3rd Brake Lights, Roof Lights, Mega Lights & Over-Cab Running Lights

Car specific over-cab running lights can be added to your truck to increase visibility to other drivers. Car specific 3rd brake lights are center-mounted higher than the normal brake lights, which means drivers farther behind can see and anticipate traffic conditions. Mega Lights are high-intensity LED third brake lights. Car specific roof lights are similar to the car specific over-cab running lights, increasing visibility during a multitude of conditions.

Car Specific Fog Lights

Car Specific Fog lamps
are mounted and aimed low, providing greater visibility at low speeds and poor weather conditions. Car specific fog lamps are an important safety feature if used properly, but are largely cosmetic in most cases. Find the right type of car specific fog lights, and make sure that you stay safe when driving in snow, rain, or fog, and always be sure to use your lights properly.

Car Specific Headlamps

Car Specific Headlamps are some of the most important automotive lighting components for your vehicle. By updating or upgrading your factory installed headlamps with car specific headlamps, you can maintain the high-performance look of your custom vehicle without losing any of the safety. Car Specific LED based headlamps are also available, offering a brighter, longer lasting light, as well as a greater resistance to vibration.

Car Specific Bumper, Corner, Parking & Side Marker Lights

Replacing the standard factory-installed lights helps update the look of the vehicle, plus, providing longer-lasting light. Car specific bumpers and car specific corner lights can be upgraded just like the other lights on your vehicle. Car specific parking and car specific marker lights all increase visibility and help denote the position of your vehicle to other drivers on the road.

Car Specific Tail Lamps

The car specific tail lamps house your brake lights and rear turn signals and alert other drivers behind you when you are taking action, whether it's braking or turning. Car specific tail lamps can be chrome or carbon, but will always add style to your ride.

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