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Car Suspension

Maintaining the condition of a vehicle depends greatly on the quality of its suspension. A better car suspension will provide improved steering and handling, as well as a more comfortable ride for you and your passengers.

Adjustable Coilovers

One of the most important factors of suspension is the adjustable coilover. These units are made up of shock absorbers that are surrounded by a coiled spring, reducing the strain of bumps and vibrations on the rest of the car. Adjustable coilovers allow you to change the ride height, as well as the degree of resistance your vehicle gives.

Full Coilovers

Full coilovers are an advanced suspension system that provide superior ride quality. These units are made up of shock absorbers that are surrounded by a coiled spring, reducing the strain of bumps and vibrations on the rest of your car. Full coilovers also allow you to change the ride height, as well as the degree of resistance which improves handling and turning.

Air Suspensions

As far as ride quality and comfort is concerned, air suspension is a step above full coilover suspension. This relatively new model provides a smoother ride while maintaining the stability of your vehicle by keeping it level when it turns. Custom air suspension is easily adjustable to fit the drivers comfort.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs improve the handling of your car. The coils lower your carís center of gravity and stiffen its suspension. This new style makes steering and movement more cohesive and adds a sportier look to your vehicle. Lowering Springs enhance your carís control while adding style to your ride.

Bushings and Bearings

Bushings are designed to provide precise alignment and structure between your wheels and suspension, ensuring the best handling. Bearings reduce the friction and wear on your vehicle so that these systems continue to run efficiently. With the help of bushings & bearings, your carís suspension will perform at the highest level.


Shocks are one of the most pivotal components of the car suspension system. Every vehicle has a system of coils and shocks to lower the impact of irregular terrain. These specialized shock absorbers are intended to absorb and dispel this transferring of energy for a more comfortable, better handling vehicle.

Caster and Camber

Caster and Camber are the angles of the steering pivot axis and the wheel. Adjusting the camber and caster angles will improve your carís stability and traction for improved speed and turning. Caster refers to the angle which the steering pivot access is tilted from the vertical position, either forward or rearward. If the pivot access of the caster slants forward, then it is negative; if it slants backward, it is positive. Camber refers to the angle which the wheel is located relative to vertical. If the wheel tilts away from the car, it is positive; if the wheel tilts toward the chassis, then it is negative.


A useful multi-function system for your vehicle is the strut. This form of car suspension utilizes coil springs, shock absorbers and steering knuckles for a smoother ride. You can change out or repair each component individually, allowing you to optimize and maximize your carís performance.

Control Arms

Your carís suspension must be securely attached to the frame and wheel of your vehicle. Control arms maintain the motion of your wheel, reducing the extra movement of your car. There are two points of a control arm that connect and pivot to your car. These A-shaped, sub-frames should be checked often to manage the condition of your suspension system.

Sway Bars and Stabilizers

Modifying your carís sway bars and stabilizers will improve your handling when going around sharp turns and traversing steep or unstable terrain. Anti-sway stabilizing bars connect the left and right wheels and help distribute pressure evenly, preventing your car from tilting and rolling. If you are looking for better traction for higher speeds or rough excursions, purchase anti-roll bars for your car's suspension system.
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