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10 Channel & Alarm 50 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 10 Channel 11lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 10 Channel 15 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc
10 Channel 35 Lbs Alarm Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 10 Channel 35lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 10 Channel 50 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc
10 Channel 75lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 10 Channel Alarm 15 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 16 Channel & Alarm 50 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc
16 Channel 11lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 16 Channel 15 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc 16 Channel 35 Lbs Alarm Remote Shaved Door Kit - AutoLoc


Create your own custom finishes to make the exterior of your car as hot as what's under the hood. Choose from a variety of body kits, car conversions, grilles and other car-specific packages to give your ride a sharp new look.

Hood Tilt Kits and Hood Split Kits

Install Hood Tilt Kits and Hood Split Kits for a customized, unique look. The totally exclusive Hood Tilt and Split Kits allow for easy access to your engine, and increased visibility of the parts under your hood. Hood Tilt Kits transform the hood of your car, tilting it forward rather than backward. Hood Split Kits reconstruct your hood by splitting it down the center, allowing the hood to open outward.

Shaved Door Kits and Door Popper Kits

For a complete exterior transformation of your car, use Shaved Door Kits. They remove the existing door handles, leaving a smooth, flat door. Once Shaved Door Kits are put in, you must install Door Popper Kits. Door Popper Kits allow you to pop open your door with the press of a button.


Making custom grille modifications can add a better look to your car, and improve air flow to your radiator and engine Grille modifications can even cool off your brakes. You'll find brand trademark designs as well as billet, horizontal and crosshatched grille models. Most custom grille kits are easy to install, depending on the model and custom design of your vehicle, and look great when finished.

Body Kits: Urethane/Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber

If you are looking to totally transform the current look of your car, custom body kits are the perfect solution. Our wide range of available unique body kits make it easy for you to customize bumpers, fenders, side skirts, or the entire package. Fiberglass Body Kits are strong and can be molded to create a unique design for your car. Carbon Fiber Body Kits are sturdy and because of their enhancing look, do not need to be painted. Finally, Urethane Body Kits are considered an unbreakable part, and can handle everyday bumps and abuse.


The hood of your car should be a direct reflection of its power. Whether you are looking for vented, or closed hood applications, there is a vast selection of carbon fiber, polyurethane, and fiberglass designs. Use a custom hood kit to update and show off the style and potential of your car.

Bull Bars

Protecting your car is very important, especially if you plan on off-roading or racing. Custom bull bars add structure and style to your car so you don't have to worry about accidental collisions that could damage your engine. Bull bar kits mount to the front of your car, truck, or SUV for a protective, intimidating look.

Roll Pans

Adding a new custom roll pan to your car is a great way to customize the rear end of your car. Roll pan kits, made of steel, fiberglass, or urethane, can be easily installed to replace your existing bumper. Highlight the back of your car with a roll pan and give your car a unique finishing touch.

Car Conversions

Car conversion kits will allow you to apply a unique style across your car's entire exterior. These packages usually come in a few very large pieces that encompass the whole body of your vehicle. When installing  custom car conversions, remember that there is a small amount of electrical and structural remodeling needed, but it will look great when complete.

Side View Mirrors

Whether you're looking for replacement side view mirrors, or you just want to customize them, we have the right side view side mirrors for you. Not only do custom side view mirrors give you a greater amount of visibility while driving, but they can also let other drivers see your turn signal. Make sure to get unique, custom side view mirrors for your car.

Car Specific Exterior Accessories

We offer car specific exterior accessories that will have you car looking great. Fuel doors, gas covers, and rain guards are small, but important accessories to add to your car. Other car specific exterior accessories include side vents, tail lamp covers, window wipers, and hood scoops. Make sure that your car has a stylish exterior by adding car specific exterior accessories.

Step Bars

Custom step bars are a great way to add style and convenience to your car. They are designed to help the driver easily get into their car. Step bars can be easily installed to the existing holes in your cars body frame. Add a custom step bar kit, making it easy for passengers to step up into your truck, while adding a great exterior feature.


One of the first things someone sees when they get into your car is the door. Whether you are interested in finding a custom design, or installing vertical doors, you will find the perfect style custom door to fit your vehicle. Door kits come in an array of materials, including carbon fiber and aluminum, and will increase the exterior appearance of your car.


Purchasing a matching trunk to go with your hood will give your car a universally stylish appearance. There are a wide variety of carbon fiber and fiberglass custom trunks to best fit the look of your car. If you choose to add a spoiler or wings, be sure to find a trunk kit with custom capabilities.

Electric/Heated Side Mirrors

When colder climates approach, driving conditions can become hazardous. Heated side mirrors conveniently free up ice and condensation, providing you with a safer view of other vehicles. Having clear, clean electric side view mirrors will allow you to see road conditions and approaching cars.

Universal Exterior Accessories

For the car enthusiast looking to do a lot of custom work, there is a large selection of universal exterior accessories that fit any vehicle. These items range from simple needs like universal mirrors and universal window wipers to universal graphic kits and universal splitters, diffusers, and fillers. You can update the exterior of your car with universal exhausts, universal exhaust tips, and universal side vents, or add universal fuel doors, universal hood scoops, and universal fender flares for a stylish exterior look.


Custom fenders are a stylish frame that fits over your existing wheel wells. They bridge the gap between the front bumper and side skirts, and often have air vents to help the brakes and engine cool down. These fender kits are generally made of either carbon fiber or fiberglass materials that are lightweight and durable.


Custom wings are designed to improve the airflow around your vehicle by producing a down force which increases handling. We offer Universal Metal Wings, Universal Carbon Fiber Wings, and Universal Fiberglass Wings for all cars, plus, there are Car Specific wings that are unique to certain cars. Add wings to your car to heighten its speed and style.

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