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NISMO SR20DE / SR20DET Motor Mounts > Nissan 240SX 89-98
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NISMO SR20DE / SR20DET Motor Mounts > Nissan 240SX 89-98
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Motor Mounts

The motor mounts in your engine system are small but all-important components to the proper functioning of your engine. Without proper motor mounts, the torque the engine generates would go unrestrained, causing movement which would severely damage the other components in the engine and even the engine itself. Restrain your powerful engine with an upgrade to your motor mounts.

Engine Torque Dampers

For high performance engines, the torque generated may not be able to be sufficiently contained simply with motor mounts. Engine torque dampers are mounted on the engine itself as well as the chassis, and help motor mounts reduce the engine's vibration. With the installation of engine torque dampers, these engine-mounted shock absorbers reduce vibrations, which should provide smoother and more efficient acceleration.

Replacement Mounts

Motor mounts wear out after around 60,000 miles, and should be replaced to prevent failure and catastrophic damage to the engine. If you're feeling an unusual amount of vibration in the seat as you accelerate, then it's most likely time to replace your motor mounts. If the motor mounts fail, the thrust and torque generated by the engine will cause it to buck and hop, which will cause major damage. Find the replacement motor mounts designed for your vehicle and engine here, and prevent your high-performance engine from suffering undue damage.
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