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Manual Transmission Adaptor Bracket - AEM
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Manual Transmission Adaptor Bracket - AEM
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If your transmission system has a drive shaft that connects a rear differential to a rear wheel, you have what are called half shafts. Two of these shafts are needed in order to form one rear axle, which is where they get their name. As part of the drive shaft, the half shafts exist to help bring torque from the engine to the wheels, creating movement. Because they are carriers of torque, they are subject to stress and damage. Replace or upgrade your standard half shafts to ensure torque is properly delivered to all parts of the transmission system and wheels.

Clutch Discs

A clutch disc is an integral part of the drive shaft, and is designed to transmit rotation. The clutch disc is lined with a friction material, and are pressed tightly together against the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is depressed, the pressure plate is pushed or pulled, allowing the clutch disc to rotate freely. Because friction is a basic part of this components function, it can get worn and damaged if it is not replaced. Keep your transmission running smoothly with an upgrade to your existing clutch disc.

Transmission Cooler Kits

Keep overheating in check with a transmission cooler kit. Designed to cool the transmission fluid and transmission system when temperatures get too high, these transmission coolers help prevent damage to the transmission and overall failure. Find the best transmission cooler kit to fit your engine's needs and keep your transmission running at its peak.

Clutch Kits

Clutch kits contain pressure plats and clutch discs, intended to replace your standard factory clutch system at the drive shaft. These custom aftermarket clutch kits are sure to increase your transmission's performance, and are constructed of durable high-quality materials. Find the clutch kit that's right for your vehicle and your engine, and give your transmission system a boost.

Short Shifters

In a manual transmission, short shift is a transmission component as well as a shifting style. Short shifting is when you change gears before it's necessary, either to save time in shifting later, or to increase fuel economy and increase grip. By installing short shifters into your transmission system, it can increase durability and prevents overshift damage. Find the right short shifter for your transmission and bring out more positive gear engagement in your transmission.

Differential Covers

In your transmission system, the differential is the component that is capable of transmitting torque and rotation through the three shafts. The differential is housed in a cover, which can be upgraded and replaced with an aftermarket modification. Be sure that this important transmission component functions properly and is adequately protected with a high-quality custom differential cover.

Torque Converter

With an internal combustion engine, the torque converter is used to transfer rotating power from the engine itself to the rotating driver load. Torque converters are used in place of a clutch for automatic transmissions, which allows the load to remain separated from the power source. Consider upgrading your factory torque converter to a high-performance custom torque converter to see an increase in torque.

Drive Shaft

For your internal combustion engine, the drive shaft transmits torque and rotation to other components of the drive train. Most components can't be connected directly due to distance or necessity of movement. Because they carry torque, drive shafts are susceptible to torsion and shear, which means they need to be strong enough to handle the stress of the torque as well as be light enough to keep them from creating additional inertia. Upgrade to a high-performance custom aftermarket drive shaft to optimize your transmission system.

Transmission Accessories

Find the best high-performance accessories for your transmission system here, and keep your transmission running at its optimum. From transmission fluid, lubricants, bushings and re-calibration kits, you can optimize your transmission system. Prevent your transmission from being damaged and breaking down with the best transmission accessories.


Flywheels are an important part of the transmission system, and they serve as a storage device for rotational energy. They steady the rotation of the shaft when torque is impressed upon it. Flywheels serve as an important component of the clutch system, being spun with the clutch disc. The friction discs of the clutch system are pressed against the flywheel with springs. Upgrading or replacing your standard flywheel with a high-performance custom aftermarket flywheel should help increase engine performance and keep the drive shaft steady.
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